Friday, July 22, 2005

"A Masterpiece!" -Jorge Guiterrez

Last night I was testing out uploading some quicktime movies onto my website, and sure enough, some friends of mine somehow found that test site and the short film I put up there. I'm thinking my girlfriend Kellie told them about it since she was helping me figure out the html via phone. I'll have to deal with her later. Anyways, I just decided to link it here, for the whole world to see. I did this short film a while ago right when I purchased my new video camera. My friend Morgan Kelly and I just made up this film on the spot in like 15 min. then I edited it that night. I was meant to be a test and the lighting is real bad, but here it is anyway. Snacktime!


Super Macho said...

Your short film perfectly illustrates how our generation's doom will be a direct cause of our so called "bohemian lifestyle".
I was left speechless.

jeaux janovsky said...

Yo sean!
This Blarrrgh is sweet. How you doing man? the movie w/ Morgan was cool too!
take care!
all the best,

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh out loud!!!!
Loved it, magda