Sunday, July 24, 2005

Birthday Doodles

There's something about a blank sheet of white paper that is very frightening. I'm sure everyone has felt it. Whether you're working on a drawing, essay, or painting, the pressure of producing something "amazing" or "profound" can be quite daunting. That's one reason why I love birthdays! I get to draw cards for my friends in 2 seconds, hunched in my car, parked in front of the restaurant where I'm about to meet them for the festivities. Another reason I love birthdays is I get to blow up balloons! But enough of that...
The drawing above was for my friend Eric (duh). This one was especially fun because I didn't have time to draw in the car. So I had to sneak the gift, a dvd wrapped in paper made from a Whole Foods bag, to the bathroom and draw in there. Now I'm not saying that these are the best drawings or even good for that matter, but there's just something about them that I like. So right when I give them to their recipients, I immediately have to tell them to not throw them away and to make a copy for me. What I think also adds to it is the fun of drawing on things that you just happen to have in front of you. I usually carry a sketchbook with me wherever I go, but on some occasions I either forget it, or don't want to lug it around. The drawing below is a prime example, a sketch of a band on stage, done on a page from an LA Weekly. Napkins are another favorite of mine. I think I'll post some napkin drawings tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Love all your b'day doodles!