Thursday, July 21, 2005


I just purchased an official bootleg DVD of Disney's Song of the South from the San Diego Comic-Con. I'm guessing it was transferred from the laserdisc because the quality is really good and the Walt Disney titles in the beginning are like totally 80'sd-out. Man, this is a good film! My friends and I were watching it last night and doing some drawing studies from it. The character animation is so goddamn good it's sickening. Uncle Remus was really fun to draw as well. Did you ever notice how white his eyes are?! They're like totally matte white, as if someone went in afterwards and painted them out. It kinda creepy, but funny as well.This is from the dance scene after Brer Fox and Bear capture Brer rabbit in the tar. My feeble drawing doesn't do it justice, but the poses and timing in these scenes are amazing. Here is a great laughing snarl from Brer Fox. They say that when doing the voice for Brer Fox, James Baskett talked so fast that the animators had a real hard time getting the lip sync straight.

This kid was trying to hide a frog in his hat or something. Comedy gold.

And finally this whinny brat Bobby Driscoll (who later went on to voice Peter Pan, and then die of a drug overdose in New York, or so my friend tells me.) Just because your parents are splitting up and you're forced to spend summer vacation on a boring old plantation doesn't mean you have to cry about it. Good 'ol Uncle Remus is there to cheer you up though!


Anonymous said...

Hello to u.......i really do not like the picture you composed of bobby driscoll....there is no reason to disrespect someone who has passed away and cannot make a reply. myself...i would rather see a picture of him smiling. he was more than just a kid in a movie...he was my father.

Sean said...

Ha ha, no disrespect here! I just liked the funny face he was making!

Anonymous said...

u surely can say something else besides ha ha...can u not?