Sunday, May 02, 2010

Flapjack - "Lost At Land"

Watch the episode for free here:

Tune in to Cartoon Network Monday May 3, at 8:30pm for a new episode of the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack!! It's called "Lost at Land" and was written and storyboarded by me and Somvilay Xayaphone.

"Lost at Land" was the last episode Somvilay and I boarded for the Second Season, and the 10th in a row! They're airing it out of order though because our 9th episode turned in a special and our 8th episode turned into a hysterical nightmare! So stay tuned for those!

It's a pretty cool episode and it felt different to me because it doesn't take place in Stormalong, and most of it isn't at sea. And I tried to play up the epic beauty and serenity of this new land.

I haven't done this in a while, but here are some extra scenes that were cut for time:

Well, this first bit was actually just changed because for some reason we couldn't imply that they had eaten horse poop. But what we changed it to isn't really much different. But I really like this version cause it's more jokey!

This bit was cut for time when Flapjack imitates K'nuckles and falls down the hill. I Just wanted to show Flap and K'nuckles having some plain 'ol fun.

More of them just having fun in the new land.

And finally this scene played into the storyline that K'nuckles wants to be remembered after he dies, but it only comes up if he thinks he's gonna die that moment. When Flap confronts him about it, he brushes it off. But then later in the episode it resurfaces. It'll make sense if you watch the episode.


Kieran Pertnav said...

Awesome episode dude. I've really been loving you and Somvilay's work on the show, you guys have done some of the best episodes of the season.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever wanted to do your episodes as full 22 minute ones? I know CN's been so enamored with segment premiers that shows don't get to do that that often, but your episodes always have such an epic feel to them.

Sean said...

Thanks Kieran!

Can you predict the future? Because we've done exactly what you've asked!

Stay tuned!

Kieran Pertnav said...

Oh yeah, I guess they're calling the 22 minute ones Specials now ^_^
Anyways, I can't wait :D I'm sure it's gonna be awesooooooome.

Out of curiosity, how's season 3 going? And is there a possibility of you guys doing a season 4 too?