Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am 8-bit #4

It's time for another I am 8-bit art show!!!! It's tomorrow night at the World of Wonder storefront Gallery, 6650 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles.

I collaborated with my girlfriend Kellie Smith to make a Luigi plush. Well, it's more of a wool sculpture because the whole things made of wool! Nothing is sewn except for the arms and legs to the body. It's a crazy process where you stab some wool with barbed needles to get it to knot itself. And you sculpt the shapes you want and knot them together. It takes a really, really long time.

He's about 9 inches tall, but doesn't stand really well except when leaning against something.
Here he is in progress. Kellie made the whole thing with me helping a bit. She worked off some drawings I did, and I tried to direct her to get it as close as she could. I think it turned out awesome!
Here's a half a turnaround I did based on the first drawing.
And here's the first sketch I did.


For my painting this year, I decided to tackle one of my favorite games growing up, Bubble Bobble! My brother and I used to play this nonstop. Above is the final painting, 5x7, done in cel vinyl on illustration board.

Here is the digital color comp I did in photoshop.

Here's the final drawing I went off of. You may noticed that I flipped the guy in the bubble for the final piece. I think it makes a better composition.
Here's the second drawing I did.
And here's the first sketch, the seed of the idea!


Anonymous said...

That is probably one of the most funny, yet thought out design of a video game character.

I wouldn't mind having one myself, although it would be cool to see a Mario doll based on Gabe Swarr’s design of the infamous plumber.

Anyway, that is some thoughtful planning on how you designed that Luigi doll, by contrasting Luigi's lean arms and legs to his stumpy body and kidney bean head.

From an inspiring animator/ artist

Andy Bauer said...

Cool. I love seeing the process from sketch to finished art. Thanks for sharing!

Mukpuddy said...

Holy crap dude, the toy is amazing!!! Love the painting too!

david gemmill said...

wow dude. really awesome. the plush guy came out great!! nice painting too!

Chris Battle said...

Holy crap!! That's awesome x 2! That Luigi looks like he should be part of the Super Mario Bros. puppet show of my dreams.

burgerlog said...

the felted luigi is awesome!

mahmood mokhtari said...

like your works,
visit my new blog plz:)

Mad Max Winston said...

Wow, that Luigi is so funny! I love your blog's banner, too. He would be awesome stopmotion-ed!

I made a short movie about Luigi, it's here on yourtube. maybe you will enjoy.

see yeh

Alina Chau said...

fun illo!!!

Mike Moloney said...

I really love the bubblebobble. I played that game for hours growing up.... Combining it with drinking makes a lot of sense.

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