Sunday, August 03, 2008


I watched this awesome film Carandiru at my friend Jorge's place last night. It's a prison movie from Brazil that came out around the same time as City of God, but didn't get as much attention. It's about a doctor that goes to work at this severely overcrowded prison. He learns about the inmates and their stories of how they got there are shown to us. In the end the tension inside the prison wheals up and explodes in a riot which causes police to come and kill over 100 inmates. Oh, and it's all a true story, and it was filmed in the actual prison, right before they demolished it.

So i did some drawings of the characters while watching the film. Check them out! And yes, those are the characters real names.

(The only picture of Beard I could find, but under that bandanna he's got some crazy hair!)

Hmm, on IMDB this character's name is "No Way", but in the subtitles it was "Too Bad."

Ebony, one of the leaders inside the prison.


Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

I love those!

Thanks for coming over.

Mick said...

I saw this one... real sweaty feel to it. Great lumpy colour drawings too

Fred Osmond said...

WOW! these are great Sean!
I love the combination of cool and warm colors. Great Job Jerk.

aaron said...

these caricatures are awesome and so are the color choices. right on sean.