Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TTPH - Process

It's Tuesday and there's a brand new Through the Port-Hole strip up at Dumm Comics! I thought I'd post the roughs that led to this comic, and show a little of my process.

First comes the initial idea thumbnailed out in my sketchbook. In this stage I don't really worry about the composition of the whole strip, but just quick poses and shot ideas. I didn't even have a payoff drawing in the thumbnail.
The second step, which I'm cutting out more and more as I progress with the strip, is redrawing the panels on paper with pencil. I focus more on the layout of the whole page or strip. I actually ended up reorder some drawings on this one because I knew what poses I wanted, but wasn't necessarily set on what the dialogue would be. It sounds kind of backwards I know, but it works for me. Dialogue almost always comes last.
This third step shows how I hone in on a drawing digitally in Photoshop. I start with the initial idea and attempt to make a good drawing. But then I explore new ways to make the idea clearer, or the silhouette better, etc. And for this example, I just tried to push it more and more until I came up with a totally different drawing that what I originated with.

And Step Four, go check out the final inked comic!!!


Ricky said...

That's really great Sean. You have an interesting approach and thought process. In the end everything works just beautifully.

Ivan D said...

Through the Porthole is my favourite drawn Dumm Comic.

Just thought I'd let you know! Thanks for the inspiration

Mitch L said...

Cool, more more!