Wednesday, April 02, 2008

El Tigre Board- Cut Seq.

Here's a short sequence that was cut from an upcoming episode of El Tigre. It's a pivotal point in the story where Manny and Frida are going to abandon their friend in the desert, but they get lost, and he ends up saving their lives.

We spend a fair amount of time on them abandoning him but completely gloss over the getting lost and saving of lives. It wasn't in the script. Well, it was insinuated that it took place with a single line of dialogue, but I wanted to actually show it happening. I tried to make it as epic but short as I could. Everyone agreed that it made the story stronger, but alas, it was eventually cut for time.

We tried to fill these Tigre episodes with so much awesomeness that they should've been 22min episodes instead of 11min. And the 22min episodes we did do maybe should've been hour-longs. I don't know if the final episode will even air now, but hopefully it does.


Anonymous said...

That is cute! i wish i could draw like you.When i grow up i want to make cartoons one day! i practice drawing but i am ok i guess. thats a cool comic by the way, but i dont get it. It is awesome though! i wouldnt get it because i dont work with you guys i am only 12;)one day i want to work with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Never mind i read what you wrote before the pics now i get it! Cool! Nice work