Monday, February 25, 2008


I did some sketching while watching the Oscars. Can you guess who is who? 2 extra points for the woman! (Give me a break! Doing caricatures of people after 30 sec. of screentime is hard! You should see the sketches I didn't post. blerg!)


Hobo Divine said...

These are fantastic!
I love your title card (is that Luigi from Mario Bros. WOW that is some anger wit Luigi... I guess playing Second Fiddle to Marios is coming to a head"

keepin' flexin' the skills
and thanks for the kind words


Sean said...

Thanks Hobo! Yeah, that's Luigi. He's part of a painting I did for last year's I Am 8-Bit show. You can check out the whole thing here:
I Am 8-Bit paintings.

the doodlers said...

We added you to our links and just wanted to say...really liked the stuff you posted for the El Tigre storyboards...Photoshop boards edited in Flash makes lots of sense. Did you convert the board panels to PNGs first?


Josh Cooley said...

Great blog! Love your work. It makes me laugh.

I'm going to add you to mine.

Munchanka said...

Great Jennifer Garner--the dimples really make the caricature!

Sean said...

Doodlers: Thanks for the kind words! For animatics we just imported jpegs into flash, but I guess pngs would work too.

Josh: Thanks man!

Austin: Holy crap! You recognized her! Seriously, not even Jeremy knew who that drawing was of. Thanks!

Chloe Cumming said...

They're all recognisable. And that's nice 'cos the oscars themselves were a bit forgettable this time.

Even though the Rock's face has shriveled somewhat since wrestling days. Yet oddly seems to be stretched tighter across its moorings.