Saturday, September 02, 2006

Argentina Drawings 2 - People

Well here are the last batch of drawings from my trip to Argentina. I seem to only find time to upload stuff on the weekends, so my posts usually end up being filled with a lot of drawings. I think it might be better to post just one a day, but I guess I just don't have the time during the week. Oh well. During my trip I was either on the go or eating great food with family. So most of my drawings are during lunches, dinners, and coffee breaks. Above is my uncle Hernan. He has a real distinctive looking face, so it was really fun to draw him.
I did this more caricatured one right after the first drawing. I found it a lot easier to caricature someone after trying to draw them realistically first, so I started doing it more as you'll see.
Here's Osvaldo, my aunt's father.
Here's Hector, Osvaldo's brother, and my aunt's uncle.
Here's one of Osvaldo and little more caricatured.
Here's Lucio, my second cousin.
And a weirder Lucio more caricatured. It turned out more like Rodney Dangerfield.
Here are some sketches of this really interesting, cute, flight attendant. These are actually done from memory though.
I think the middle one above is the closest I got.
Here's my cousin Florencia.
Here's my other uncle Adrian.
Here's a woman working at an eyeglasses store.
Here's my other cousin Maria Sol. She's super cute. She likes to draw a lot, so we would draw eachother a lot. She actually really likes The Buzz on Maggie, which down there is called Maggie La Mosca con Onda. So I drew her a bunch of Maggies and Puperts and she liked them a lot.
My uncle Adrian again. I like how these watercolors turned out.
Here's a friend of my mom's Beatriz.
And her husband Raul.
Here's another one done from memory of a girl at a restaurant. I like how it turned out, but I don't know exactly what she's doing with her hand.
And finally here's another of Maria Sol gulping down a Submarino after school. A Submarino is basically chocolate milk, but they serve you hot milk and some chocolate bars, and you mix them together. You can get them almost everywhere. The don't make ones with soy milk, but I remember them being exquisite went I was there 10 years ago.


kk said...

these are great.

LOOCH said...

Cool drawings, very nice lines and portraiture.

sandra e said...

YAY SEANY! Im glad your taking time to post despite your heavy schedule!