Saturday, August 26, 2006

Argentina Drawings 1

Here's a selection of drawings from my sketchbook when I was in Argentina. The airport is a great place to sketch. There are people every which way doing all sorts of things. Okay, most of them are mainly just waiting around, but that makes them easier to draw.

I've already mentioned my love for the architecture down there, so here's a little unfinished sketch.
The service in Argentina is amazing. Mostly all the waiter were men and super professional. Here's a typical porteno waiter. No matter which confinteria you go to, they wear bowties and vests.
Lots of distinguished looking older people in Buenos Aires.
Fancy drink cart at my mom's friend's house.
This was a creepy statue made from wood in a museum I visited.
I don't do much watercolor, but I like how this came out. The espresso was excellent there! Next post, portraits of relatives and others!


bsleven said...


How in the heck are ya. : )
I just found your blog, your sketchs are really cool!
I'll be visiting often.

: )

Sean said...

Hey Thanks Beth! I'm doing pretty well, just really busy though. Come back soon!