Friday, September 09, 2005


Horray for paper and pencil!!! So simple, yet so joyful. Here's a drawing I did last night. I actually drew the guy and the cat seperatly, but they seemed to go together so well. So BAM! A drawing rich with meaning! I really like how the guy turned out. Lots of cool shapes in there. Oh, and here below we have yet another caricature of myself. No, I'm not an egomaniac, but it is true that I am fun to draw. Ask anyone. Even I can't help myself sometimes. I like how this one turned out also. I took a different approach to my hair shape theory, and I think it works well.


Jay D Smith said...

i like it!!

very cool!

Zombie Cop said...

You handsome devil you!

morgan said...

cool, you look like rico from napoleon dynamite.