Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I decided I needed to start painting more, one) because it's fun, two) because it's relaxing, and three) because paintings look awesome. But man, it's hard! Especially painting in gouache where you have to lay down your light colors first and whatnot. I dunno, I'm still trying to figure it all out. I haven't painted in a while so I just wanted to dive right in. These are just some tests I did last night. The first two I painted at the same time, switching back and forth when one was drying. They are pretty close to their actual size, like a business card. I just kinda went straight-ahead on these just doodling what came to mind. The first one is supposed to be some sort of cat, but it looks like it got run over or something. I like how this bird turned out though.
This third one is a little bit bigger and I actually did a quick sketch for it beforehand. I remember a couple of years ago at Calarts Tim Biskup and Seonna Hong came in to Alex Kirwan's class to give a little lecture and show people how they paint backgrounds for Time Squad. They had the bg drawn on paper, and then they would tape it on one end to the illustration board or whatever, and place a piece of carbon paper inbetween and transfer the drawing that way. So I tried that method and it seemed to work pretty well. I just have to work on my drybrush technique. It's hard to get that down. Oh yeah, and I have to learn to draw girls better. Unlike the first two, I painted the character first and the background behind it second. I'm guessing that's the only way to get the lighter colors to look good. I sure have a lot of practicing to do. If anyone else knows any techniques let me know!

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Anonymous said...

These look great! (just don't forget any more lunch breaks or you'll get cranky)