Monday, August 01, 2005

Sunday Drawings!

"Yay! Finally something new to look at!" you're saying to yourself. That's right folks, it's a new post! I've been pretty busy this past week with freelance work and regular work, and will be more busy for the coming weeks probably. But, I'm trying to post as much stuff as I can, new stuff that is. I finally got some time on Sunday to sit down and draw some stuff. Lately, I've been trying to work on drawing more solid, solidly?, you get the idear. And so I found these great poses on the 'ol internette and got inspired. I like them because they aren't the run-of-the-mill model poses you see in most magazines.
In all of them the feet were cut off the picture, so I just added them in when I felt like it. I even tried taking the poses my self to see what they felt like and how the feet would be situated. And the thing I discovered is that I'm not as flexible as the young lady in the pictures. And though it may look like I'm scared to draw faces, her hair was indeed covering pretty much her whole face in every one. I've actually been practicing drawing girls' faces a lot recently, so I guess I could've tried to draw them, but I found that I liked how the hair added to the overall attitude of the poses. So why screw it up, right?!
After a while I got tried of drawing this girl, so I moved on some more cartoony stuff. The drawing below is based on a quick sketch I did on a paper towel the other day. Dang, I should've posted it, oh well, tomorrow. As you can probably tell, I draw the same characters a lot. It's mainly because they're trapped in my head and wanting to get out in some form. I've been developing a series to pitch based on them, but more recently I've been noodling with idea of a children's book. So once I get going more on that ,I'll start posting some ideas. I can't wait to see what jumps out of that closet!


Super Macho said...

That last image is AWESOME!

Pancy Fants said...

I bet there's candy behind the door. It's candy right?