Sunday, July 31, 2011

Regular Show - Skunked

The Regular Show episode"Skunked" just aired, so I thought I'd put this board up for you all to check out. This is the original version of "Skunked" I wrote and boarded (just the thumbnails-never cleaned it up). For some some reason, someone somewheres didn't like it, though it mirrored the "approved" outline (This happens more than you'd think where ideas get approved, then all of a sudden it's like, "Whoa whoa, where did this come from? You guys trying to pull something over on us?!".) So the episode was pretty much all re-written, introducing the bingo and were-skunk/Ribgy-transforming elements. Some of my lines were re-purposed and a lot of my drawings were used. But I still like this original version, especially cause I was able to inject some Black Snake Moan into the story, and for the nice Margaret/Mordecai moments. Overall it was more about Ribgy acting like a jerk because he thought everyone hated him because of the smell, but really everyone was trying to be cool about it. Enjoy?


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Very well done, I liked this version just a little more than the one which made it.

Angela said...

I liked this episode better than the one that got made. Thank you for posting it. I learn alot from seeing your storyboards and have been practising a lot with my own Regular Show stories. Thanks:) lovetosnorkel.tumblr

Emily said...

Thanks for posting, Sean! I love your boards :)