Thursday, July 01, 2010

Flapjack - "All Hands on Deck" 2

Here are the original versions of the songs I wrote for the Flapjack half-hour special "All Hands on Deck". It's just me singing and playing the guitar. They were eventually re-recorded by the composer and the voice actors for the final show. Enjoy!

"I Wanna Be A Real Adventurer" - sung by Flapjack

"Look At Me, I'm A Sailor!" - sung by Flapjack

"Mamma and Pappa and Baby Me" - sung by Thomas Hatch, K'nuckles, & Bubbie

"Poseidon's Wrap-up" - sung by Poseidon

This song was going to go over the credits, and JK Simmons even recorded the vocals for it, but I guess they just decided to put some more Issac Brock theme music there instead.


oneworld said...

You are so TALENTED Sean! You have such a great voice and the songs sound great! You should start up your band again! Seriously great songs!

Sean Wiig said...
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