Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flapjack - SS Knuckies

Tune in tonight, Thursday 24th, at 8:30pm for a new episode of the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack!! It's called "SS Knuckies" and was written and storyboarded by myself and Somvilay Xayaphone. Actually, the whole half hour is ours because I think they're replaying "Fancy Pants" right after. So check that out if you haven't seen it.

UPDATE: Here are some design sketches Done by our character designer Thaddeus Couldron. It's for a new character Baron Berzerker, who's a crazy, badass, escaped convict, lunatic. He whipped these up before we started the board.

Then I took what I liked from each of them, and combined them into the design below, which we used for the board.

I caught a peek of the finished episode, and they cut a lot of stuff for time, but here are some snippets below.

As usual, here are some scraps of my parts that were cut for one reason or another.


Brubaker said...

Baron Berzerker was totally awesome.

Emily said...

Hey dude!

Thank you so much for posting these! They're awesome. I love Flap's expression when he's comforting the Captain.

I was wonderin', what kinda pencil do you typically use for boarding Flapjack?

Sean said...

Hi Emily, glad you like 'em.

I usually just use a Tombow high-precision drafting pencil 3B.

Sounds fancier than it is.

Emily said...

Oh, okay. Yeah, not too fancy :) Thanks for the info though.

Keep up the great work on Flappy!

Raymond Santos said...

these are awesome, i really like that character design too. Im actually interning at cartoon network on generator rex, havent really explored the entire building yet cuz were on the other side. Maybe ill bump into you there during my time there.