Thursday, August 16, 2007

El Tigre Meeting Sketches

Luke Cormican

Eddie Trigueros

Fred Osmond

Jorge Gutierrez

Matt Dougherty


samacleod said...

Those are really awesome, Sean! I like the last one the most.

Sandra E. said...

AWESOME!!!!!but you knew that already.

Katie said...

Wow!! Great stuff, Sean!! I recognized all of's hard enough to caricature someone, let alone in a weird angle. My favorite one is Luke, of course...but the drawing of Matt is spot on!

Sandra said...

Hey Sean Help me with a name. BTW... every time I look at my husbands sketch I fall deeper and deeper in love with him :) Thankyou for bringing us closer together. THE END.

david gemmill said...

awesome doodles. at first i was like hey whats going on, lukes hair isnt that long then i remembered his hair did grow out. i like the simplicity in these. great work.

my word verification for this comment was "sfibe" which kind of sounds like s-vibe, which kind of sounds like a cool new age term for like pickup artists, like "yeah baby im digging on your s-vibe." ahahah

Chris Battle said...

There's some sick facial hair action going on amongst the EL TIGRE men... is it an outbreak?

bsleven said...

Hi Sean!

These are awesome! I seriously love the Cowboy painting you did too! You Rock!
: )

Anonymous said...

man dat sucked i counld see no of the pictures at all