Monday, May 07, 2007

8-Bit Painting Process

Here's a quick overview of the steps to get to the final paintings I did for the I Am 8-Bit show.

1) Random pen doodle2) Bigger pencli sketch
3) Composition thumbnail sketches

4) Digital color comp
5) Final painting

1) Exploration pen sketches

2) More exploration pencil sketches

3) Full size pencil sketch of composition
4) Last minute change to the pose of the chef

5) Digital color comp
6) Final painting


Mukpuddy said...

I love your paintings dude, it's so great to see the process of how you did them!! Great blog too, we linked to you, hope you dont mind :)

david gemmill said...

awesome. thanks for posting the process!

xenos said...

i was lucky enough to actually see the show and your piece really makes an impression. nice.