Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Buenos Aires and Back

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I've updated, but a lot has been going on. I got back from Argentina 2 weeks ago, and have been super busy at my new work on the awesome El Tigre at Nickelodeon. Also the phenomenon known as ComicCon took place. But for now, here's a look back at my incredible trip! I was in Buenos Aires for about 2 and a half weeks with a 4 day trip to Las Cataratas del Iguazu (which is on the border of Argentina, Brasil, and Paraguay). I literally took over a 1000 photos, digital and film combined, so believe me when I say this is just a small sample of shots. These are some of my favorites that aren't just of my mom and I (who I traveled with).
Buenos Aires is an amazing, humungous, city in the vein of New York or Paris. It's very European compared to the rest of South America. Wow, this sounds like a book report or something. It was hard being a vegan in a country known for it's amazing beef, but I managed to eat quite well thanks to my aunt who cooked a lot of great food for me.
Above is the view from their apt.
I absolutely love the architecture in Buenos Aires, from the awesome houses to the giant buildings downtown. The houses all had huge, decorative doors, as pictured above and below. In the photo above is my uncle and cousin. My uncle's around 6'4" and he looks tiny compared to that door! Below are some strangers who also look tiny.

In combination with the doors, most houses also had some sort of balcony with equally ornate structure.

Above is a kiosko. There was one on every block pretty much. You can buy magazines of course, but also dvds, candy, books, etc. depending of which one you went to.
A nice shot of my other uncle braving the Buenos Aires traffic. I've never seen such insane driving in my life. There are no stop signs and most of the main streets which span 4 or 5 lanes, don't have painted lane lines at all! But I like how they have a second yellow traffic light after the red and before turning to green.
Above is a panoramic view of the waterfalls in Iguazu. The main big one on the left is called La Garganta del Diablo, or the Devil's Throat. On the left side of the river is Brasil and on the right, Argentina. It was amazingly beautiful walking through the jungle here. The birds above live on the rock walls behind the huge waterfalls. Apparently their feet are hooked in a way where they can cling to the wall, but they cannot perch on a branch. At least that's what the guide told us.
My mom and I staring down the devil's throat.
Here's my cousin Maria Sol feeding a duck.
And finally, I just noticed this shot when sifting through all my photos. The train tracks run directly into the setting sun. Pretty awesome considering I took it from a moving car.

So I hope you enjoyed this brief photo recap. I have a lot of drawings from the trip that I'll hopefully scan soon and post. So stay tuned. I'll aslo talk about the great Cartoon Museum I went to and post some photos of the original artwork I saw there.


kyle said...

O man, that looks like good times. Gotta say, you captured an ambiance with those pix. Now if you'd only post some Australia pix ...

Sean said...

Thanks Kyle, I guess you missed my Australia/New Zealand pics

jeaux janovsky said...

Nice pix sean! yr trip sounds amazingly awesome!
hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

you need to send my all the pics again, cuz it accidently got erased from my email - and I never got to see them..thanks..david

Julián höek said...

awesome blog! i have it in my bookmark since quite some time and today checking the history i see you've been in my country! cool!
and yeah, we sure drive insanely!

buenos aires, argentina