Monday, April 03, 2006

Long Time No Bloggie

So I was being taunted by my friend Gabe Swarr this weekend on my lack of posts, so I thought I'd stick it to him and post something. I have my excuses for not posting as of late, but really, there shouldn't be any excuse, right? So I'm not gonna whine about it. But having said that, today's post consists of scans I found on my computer that I hadn't posted yet. That's the only thing that links them. In other news, I recently started working at Six Point Harness. They do great work there and host some awesome parties to boot! So with that out of the way, let's get blogging!
The guy in the drawing above walked in front of my car at a crosswalk some weeks ago. He was so cool lookin, that I was drew him at every red light I could for the next couple of blocks. It's just a rough sketch, but I think I captured his essence.

These next two drawings are of my friends Morgan and Bailey. They both are great artists and are both really fun to draw.
This sketch is on a napkin, as you can see. If I remember correctly, it was drawn during the Annie Awards dinner after the awards show.
Here is my brother-in-law Jeremiah holding my nephew Preston. Aint he a cutie?
And finally, these sketches are probably over a year old. This was a old lady in Poquito Mas. It was fun to sketch her, and then draw some more stylized designs based on the first sketch. I should try that more often.
And now for something completely different. I've decided to make another short film. It will be an arduous task and I plan to follow the production on this here blog. So stay tuned for the next post!


Eric Deuel said...

YES!! Awesome Sean.. glad to hear your using those film makin' skillz

Gabriel said...

Haha, the old lady is priceless!!

christopher said...

Can't wait for the new short! My favorties from this batch are the old ladies and the napkin doodle. They all rock though! Hope Gabe keeps hassling you for more posts!

jeaux janovsky said...

finally! some new stuffs! nice sean! nice!!!

Marc Deckter said...

Great to hear you'll be making another short film - I look forward to seeing it progress!

Love the napkin doodle, by the way.

Leo said...

Nice sketches Sean! I especially love the old lady...great stuff!

SMacLeod said...

Sweet. Hey I jnow those guys!!! Cool stuff Sean.

my word verification was: nomet

How cool is that?

david gemmill said...

funny bum guy and old lady!! haha