Friday, February 24, 2006

Change it up

Sometimes you just gotta change it up. So I bought a new brush pen and started drawing in an old but unused sketchbook. It's strange how you can draw so differently just by changing your drawing utensil. I also decided to finally open up and watch the Rocky and Bullwinkle set I bought so long ago. That happens often with dvds. You buy em, then don't really get around to watching them. I think these couple of Bullwinkle drawings are interesting because they show a kind of evolution, if you will. It goes from just watchin and enjoying the show while sketching, to pausing the dvd to get a better look at the design, and then to drawing your own interpretation. Interest-Study-Master. Not that I'm saying I've mastered drawing Bullwinkle, but you get the idea, hopefully.
I like Rocky and Bullwinkle even though there's not stop dialogue and hardly any animation. The pun-filled dialogue is actually clever and when there actually is some little animation, it's pretty funny. Mainly the timing is great and the drawings are fun.
Also, I think the designs are great! At first glance you'd think that they're very flat, but they're actually very dimensional and volumetric. Amid talks about this issue over at his Cartoon Modern blog, referencing some great Tom Oreb designs. I think it would be great to do a variety show like Rocky and Bullwinkle, because it seems like that's essentially what it was, a show that they themselves hosted.
So I wanted to keep using techniques that I don't often use, so I drew some girls with brush pen and colored pencil. Nowadays you can find great reference material with just a couple of clicks on the 'ol internet. It's great! I like how these turned out, especially the one with the weird expression below. Mouths are really hard to draw for me. I don't know why. They're tricky little thing, what with the lips and teeth and stuff. It's hard for me to make mouths dimensional, so something I gotta work on.

And finally I was watching the cult classic Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! with some friends the other night and was inspired to draw the badass girls. On the left is the Italian one with the thick accent, and on the right is the leader. It would be fun to go back to get a closer look at the girls because it's kinda tough to draw em when they're moving around on screen kicking ass and running people over.
This last one's a weird one I did this morning thinking more about the movie and the Italian girl. More drawings to come soon!

P.S. How come the spell check on a site like Blogger doesn't even recognize the word blog?


jeaux janovsky said...

i recently got the brush pen fever as the kids call it these days. i hung out at swain's for lunch the other day and bought some sumi ink water cool.
maybe i'll post some of the brush work on All My Heroes!
Nice to see some new work, and yr bullwinkles are f*cking great.

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

You have some very fun and crazy stuff here! You are developing and very unique style! Love the Bullwinkle variations!

christopher said...

Hey Sean, great to see you posting more! The Bullwinkles are great but where is Rocky? Mr Peabody and Sherman should make an appearance too! I forgot to mention it but I love that drawing of Canemaker and the dancing fox in your last post too.

Sean said...

Thanks for the inspiring words fellas! I'll keep at it!

Clarke (Csnyde) said...

These Bullwinkles rule man. Such a wacked out design - especially with that extra exaggerated bent snout - crooked mouth thing you did in a few of these.

jenny said...

These are all totally tops!!