Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vacation Drawings 3

So here are the girl and doodle drawings of my trip. I actually have more cartoon doodles, but they'll have to wait. All of the girls were drawn from life, except the one above, and the last cartoony girl (like, you couldn't have guessed). Some of these girls were strangers and some of them friends, or friends of friends. Either way, I always tried to get their name, just because it's more interesting.
Girls lying around the Lagoon in Cairns, Aus.
Weird skinny girl.
This was a girl I just started drawing at the beach. Then my friend, a Frenchman, made me go show her my drawing. Actually he dragged her over to me to show her. Her name is Mariska and she's a model from Holland. Neat-o!
Same girl.
These girls were friends of my friend Aaron, whom I was staying with in NZ. This girl Kate was arguing and arguing with this guy over the stupidest things. I found it quite funny.
A girl at the hostel in Wellington. I didn't get her name because she was with a group of girls. Very intimidating.

Valentina and Virginia were friends of my Italian roommate, and new friend, Leonardo. They were booth really nice and fun to hang out with. Valentina is tired of living in Italy.
Some girl at a pub.
A friend of my friend Aaron. Fiona was a nice girl who we'd always run into in town, since Wanaka was so small.
Other random girls.
Dance Dance Dance!
You'd better watch where you're going...
This weird bum character I like to draw sometimes.
A not-that-great drawing of my friend Aaron, and some doodles.
I call this guy Fat Willie, because he looks like a fat Willy Wonka. I still need to finish him.
He's late apparently.
It's funny making drawings out of marker splotches.
Cheetah and bum again.
This was actually drawn before my trip, but I just thought I'd throw it in there. This is my friend Jorge in a meeting at Nick. He's the most macho guy I know.


monday-morgue said...

well...what mariska say about the drawings?
grrreat sketches, i've gots to see them in real life.

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey Merry Christmas! Your blog is quite entertaining. You have a great appealling style

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Whitney said...

Very good artwork! Wow the art blogs never end!
I have one to at

LOOCH said...

love the drawings...and the fantastic cartoon characters

SteveLambe said...

Those are fanastic, Sean...especially marker splotch top hat guy.

Sean said...

Morgan- Mariska liked the drawings of course!

Thanks for the kind words everybody! More stuff to come soon!

Jay D Smith said...

these are great!

Tony Mora said...

Great updates, keep it up!