Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm Back From the Future!

That's right! I'm back from the other side of the world! Well, not really if you travel the other way... I spent 2 and a half weeks in New Zealand and one week in Australia and it was amazing! I went all over New Zealand, and to Sydney and Cairns in Australia. I don't have the time to tell you every detail about my trip, but to sum it up, I flew on 7 different planes and went canyoning, lugging, hiking, black water rafting, white water rafting, quad biking, museum-ing, mudbath-ing, cruising, scuba diving, skydiving, snorkeling, dancing, sightseeing, drawing, swimming, relaxing, partying, jet boating, new-people-meeting, hitchhiking, walking, walking, and walking. It was incredible! My new digital camera could only hold 15 pictures, so here they are! Naw, come on, you didn't believe that for a second. I have hundreds of pictures and these are just a select few. I'm probably going to set up a site with all of them, mainly for my family and close friends to see, but I'll post a link once it's up if anyone else is curious or wants to see more beautiful landscapes. And they are beautiful! Amazing even! I drew a lot on my trip and will post some drawings once I can scan some in, probably tomorrow. I'll also post some of the more interesting photos, as well as an account of my visit to the last Disney studio making a 2-D film right now. It was quite an adventure and wish I could've stayed longer, but it's great to be back! My life batteries are recharged, so to speak, and I'm so happy I took this journey. I highly suggest it to everyone, to get out from in front of that computer or desk and go live life for a bit. It's quite fun and rewarding. (above Pahia Beach, NZ)
a curious new friend-Waitomo, NZ
Rotorua, NZ
Hey, look at me! I can balance a camera on an old fence! Waitomo, NZ
I went quad (4x4) biking all around this beautiful, lush countryside. Waitomo, NZ
Train to Christchurch, NZ
Not digitally altered. Even more vibrant in real life! on the way to Wanaka, NZ
Taking a scenic flight over Wanaka, NZ
Lake Wanaka, NZ via jetboat
Scuba diving (duh) at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. That's a sea cucumber I believe.
Awesome pub sign in Sydney, Australia
Christchurch Cathedral in, yup, Christchurch, NZ
Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Cairns, Australia
I couldn't get away from the ping pong! Sydney, Australia


tim said...

You happy, lucky SOB. The pics are awesome. Now that your recharged, what's next?

My Indian Name is Couch Sleeper Dish Washer said...

But would you eat a sea cucumber with you being a vegan and all?

Tony Mora said...

Did you school them at ping pong? I hope you did, you have a rep to keep up.

pamcakes said...

Dang!! I hope that was really a sea cucumber or I'd like to meet that guy.

jeaux janovsky said...

rad. my favorite one is the pingpong picture. fun fun fun doode.