Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Drawings

Howdy yall! Jeez, I haven't posted stuff in a while. I've been pretty busy with various freelance jobs taking up my precious weekends. But at least they're fun, awesome projects. Some friends and I get together once a week so we can talk about ideas and help each other out. But sometimes we haven't come up with anything new to share from the week prior, so we end up just drawing, which is a lot of fun. The burly man above and the gypsy lady below are characters that just came out of nowhere really, but I liked how they turned out. It almost seems that they could be husband and wife or something. That could make for a pretty interesting story...
This dude below is a chef who likes fish. That's what we were all drawing at the time, chefs. As my friend Ron pointed out, he kinda looks like Sloth from Goonies. Weird.

Below is another rendition of my Millionaire Cheetah character. I've been looking at a lot of M. Sasek lately, and have been studying his simplicity and basic shapes. I'm kind of getting tired of cartoon characters who are all squashed and two-heads high. I love elongated bodies, probably because I'm tall myself, as Gabe Swarr pointed out to me. He apparently likes drawing single shape characters, because that's how he looks.
And finally, at one point in the night my friends and I were drawing caricatures of eachother and of ourselves. So I whipped this self-caricature out in a couple of seconds, and actually liked how it turned out. To see some better caricatures of me and other people, check out Fred Osmond's blog.


Fred Osmond said...

Ha Ha! Great caricature Sean!!!

Anonymous said...

Husband and wife carnival workers? Awesome drawings! Thanks for the link I've heard of Sasek before but wasn't too familiar with his work, very inspiring. In fact I find this whole damn blog pretty inspiring! Thanks! -Chris

jeaux janovsky said...

yo sean,
the old flapper style lady made me giggle.
she looks like stan laurel!
good job man, keep up the ace work yo.

Sean said...

Hey thanks Fred! You are the king of caricatures... I am only your loyal subject...

Hey Hey Chris! Thanks for the kind words. Sasek is truly inspiring, but myself, well I try.

Hey Hey Hey Jeaux! You're right she does look like Stan laurel. That's so weird and funny!